Literally funny

I had a friend who published a literary humor magazine and always thinking myself funny, I submitted an article. With (seemingly) much hesitation and a very nice letter, I was rejected as for lack of a better descriptor, for not being droll enough. Truth be told, I can be as high-brow  jocose as the next fellow if I so desire because seriously, I am a subscriber to The New Yorker after all. Not sure what that story has to do with what follows, but hey, I’m a writer and if I didn’t have a sense of humor I would’ve jumped off a cliff a long time ago. So if you’re a writer too and can find the funny in any of this then maybe there’s still hope for all of us.

Cartoon-2-by-Debbie-Ridpath-bb2acb74faafa632be59c8b9b840580d565fe1598c6298d2a82c3679a003d42fcartoon-weird-writers-blockapostrophe_pinningAnd for those combo

writers/English slogs/

professor-types like me,

a bonus!

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