Who are these people? From the FRENCH KISS Series (LOTS OF SPOILERS!)

So many characters! So little time! And because of that, I’m doing all the heavy lifting for you. WARNING: there be SPOILERS here!

Amanda – Washington Lobbyist who accuses Rex Renaud of sexual assault. (The Laws of Seduction)

Charlotte Andreko – Attorney and partner in the Philadelphia law firm of Schwartz, Lido, Brown and Andreko, where her specialty is Employment Law. Paramour of Rex Renaud. Founding member of Occupy Vagina, a women’s employment rights group. Lives in Philadelphia, PA and Margate, NJ, originally from Roebling, NJ. Has strong ties to Paris, from where her grandmother was from, and her mother still lives. Speaks fluent French. Is called by Rex Renaud to defend him from a charge of sexual assault. Hired by Julie Knott to keep Marcel Mercier and Dani Lloyd romantically apart during the sail from Philadelphia to Boston. (Kiss Me, Captain, The Laws of Seduction)

Jamal Bennett – Mate aboard the Esther Reed.  Employee of Liberty Sail ship Samuel Franuces out of New York City. Working toward his captain’s license. (Kiss Me, Captain)

Betsy – Holstein heifer whose calf Andy delivers on his and Julie’s wedding day. (Wanted: Wife)

Brent – Denny O’Brien’s partner. English and owner of Curieux, a Philadelphia art gallery. Introduced Julie to Richard. Julie goes to stay at his Philadelphia townhouse when Richard throws her out. (Wanted: Wife)

Celia – Wife of Andy’s childhood friend, Ray. Owner of Celia’s Blues, maker of Jersey pies, jams and jellies. (Wanted: Wife)

Bucky – Andy’s beloved black and white Border Collie, down on the farm. Inherited from his father, Buck. And as Border Collies are wont to do, this one loves to herd things, too. Even Julie. The similarity between the dog’s and Andy’s father’s name is entirely intentional. Coincidentally, that is. (Wanted: Wife)

Lila DeForest – Former Iron Bog Elementary School librarian. Current Iron Bog Town archivist. Witness to Andy and Julie’s wedding, where she takes the only photo of the event. (Wanted: Wife)

Andy Devine – Julie Knott’s husband.Advertises for a wife on a utility pole in and around the Pine Barrens community of Iron Bog, New Jersey. Marries Julie Knott after she agrees to his trial three-month marriage. Son of Viviane Fontaine Devine Mercier and Buck Devine. Half-brother of Marcel Mercier. Born in Iron Bog, NJ, but is taken by his mother to live in Marseille, France when she leaves Buck Devine to marry into the Mercier family. After that she changes his name to Andre Mercier. Becomes CEO of family owned Mercier Shipping when Viviane Mercier’s husband suffers a stroke, and until his half-brother, Marcel Mercier, can take over. (Wanted: Wife, Kiss Me, Captain, The Laws of Seduction)

Buck Devine – Andy Devine’s father. From Iron Bog, New Jersey. Former Merchant Marine, commercial fisherman and amateur taxidermist. Meets and marries Viviane Fontaine while in Le Havre, France and brings his pregnant, nineteen-year-old wife back to the farm in Iron Bog. Disowns Andy when Viviane Fontaine leaves him to move back to France. Dies of liver disease before Andy could make it home. Leaves the Iron Bog farm to Andy. (Wanted: Wife)

Luc Andre Devine – Julie and Andy’s baby son. (Wanted: Wife)

Annika Eden – Soprano for the Seattle Opera. Client of Richard Sayles’ talent agency. Former wife and current paramour of Richard Sayles whom he leaves Julie Knott to reunite with two weeks before Richard and Julie’s wedding. (Wanted: Wife)

Joey Falucci – Mate aboard the Esther Reed.  Employee of Liberty Sail ship Samuel Franuces out of New York City. (Kiss Me, Captain)

Gil – Station manager at WPHA, Channel 8 in Philadelpha, PA, where Julie Knott is a reporter. (Wanted: Wife)

Heloise – Marcel Mercier’s personal shopper out of New York City. (Kiss Me, Captain)

Paul S. Hinkle – Mayor of Iron Bog, NJ who marries Julie and Andy in his office at Township Hall. (Wanted: Wife)

Representative Brendan Hitchell – Congressman from Texas. (The Laws of Seduction)

The Honorable Sophia K. Jennings – Philadelphia Judge serving at Rex Renaud’s preliminary hearing. (The Laws of Seduction)

Julie Knott – Andy Devine’s wife. Reporter for WPHA Channel 8 News in Philadelphia, PA, whose quirky stories about offbeat people are featured in “Julie Knott’s Random Access”on Channel 8, as well as weekly on “Morning Joe” for MSNBC. Former fiancee of Richard Sayles. Meets Andy Devine when she goes to cover a story at an Iron Bog, NJ firehouse, where Andy is holding interviews, after learning he advertised for a wife by posting flyers on utility poles. Marries Andy Devine five days after Richard dumps her, with the intention of writing a book about the experience. Does story about Dani Lloyd chaining herself to the mast of the Esther Reed which catches Marcel Mercier’s attention, which ultimately brings him to Philadelphia to confront Dani. (Wanted: Wife, Kiss Me, Captain, The Laws of Seduction)

Bruce Lloyd – Danielle “Dani” Lloyd’s older brother. From Bivalve, NJ. (Kiss Me, Captain)

Danielle “Dani” Lloyd – Skipper of the oyster schooner Esther Reed, based out of Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia. Daughter of Jenny and Gene Lloyd. Paramour of Marcel Mercier. Chained herself to the mast of the ship in protest when Mercier Shipping bought out Liberty Sail, the company that owns the ship, and ordered all skippers to report to Liberty’s new home office in Boston for evaluation. When Marcel Mercier, CEO of Mercier Shipping, sees a story that Julie Knott ran about her, he flies from Cannes to confront her and toss her off the ship. Instead he charters her to sail him from Philadelphia to Boston where he’ll evaluate her along the way. From Bivalve, NJ, where her family owns a fleet of fishing boats. Possesses a 100 ton captains license. Certified in lifesaving, and teaches a boating safety course for the NJ State Police in the off season. (Kiss Me, Captain, The Laws of Seduction)

Gene Lloyd – Danielle “Dani” Lloyd’s father. From Bivalve, NJ. (Kiss Me, Captain)

Jenny Lloyd – Danielle “Dani” Lloyd’s mother. From Bivalve, NJ. (Kiss Me, Captain)

Marcel Mercier – Son of Viviane Fontaine Devine Mercier, and half-brother of Andy Devine. Paramour of Danielle “Dani” Lloyd. Current CEO of Mercier Shipping, owner of subsidary company, Liberty Sail, out of Boston. Enters in a bet over who can stay married longer with his half-brother, Andy Devine. Flies to Philadelphia from Cannes after Danielle Lloyd, skipper of the schooner, Esther Reed, chains herself to the mast, determined to toss her off the ship. Instead charters the ship to sail him from Philadelphia to Boston. Marathon swimmer and winner of several Iron Man events. Offers to evaluate Dani on a sail from Philadelphia to Boston. (Wanted: Wife, Kiss Me, Captain, The Laws of Seduction)

Viviane Fontaine Devine Mercier – Mother of Andy Devine and Marcel Mercier, former wife of Buck Devine, aunt of Rex Renaud. From Le Havre, France. Marries Buck Devine after finding out she is pregnant with Andy, and goes back to his Iron Bog farm. Suspected of trying to murder Buck in two house fires. Leaves Buck to go back to France when Andy is thirteen, taking Andy with her. Shortly after marries Marcel’s father with whom she’d been having an affair. (Wanted: Wife, The Laws of Seduction)

Mirabel – Marcel Mercier’s female companion at L’hôtel Croisette Beach in Cannes. (Kiss Me, Captain)

Representative Lilith Millwater – Congresswoman from Pennsylvania. Former lover of Rex Renaud. Rex lobbies her to get a dredging bill for Elizabeth Harbor passed, into which Mercier can sail their new super-sized container ships. (Kiss Me, Captain, The Laws of Seduction)

Stanley Millwater – U.S. Circuit Court judge and husband of Rep. Lilith Millwater. (The Laws of Seduction}

Denny O’Brien – Julie Knott’s cameraman and friend at WPHA Channel 8 news. Partner of Brent. Picks Julie up from Iron Bog when she decides to leave Andy. (Wanted: Wife, Kiss Me, Captain, The Laws of Seduction)

Ray – Andy Devine’s current and childhood friend. Works for the New Jersey Forest Fire Service. Family also owns several cranberry bogs where Andy works during the harvest season. (Wanted: Wife)

Rex Renaud – Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Mercier Shipping, Marcel Mercier’s second in command. Paramour of Charlotte Andreko. Former lover of Lilith Millwater. Lives in Marseille, France, near the home office of Mercier Shipping. Often comes to the U.S. on business, visiting Washington D.C. while he is working with Rep. Lilith Millwater to get a dredge bill passed for Elizabeth Harbor, so Mercier can bring in their new super-sized container ships. Is accused of sexual assault by the Washington lobbyist, Amanda, a charge for which he hires Charlotte Andreko to defend him. Proficient in politics, both American and French. Expert horseback rider. (Kiss Me, Captain, The Laws of Seduction)

Mina Riley – Julie Knott’s editor at Haughton House Publishing, who agrees to advance Julie on a book about Julie’s trial marriage experience. (Wanted: Wife)

Barry Rowe – Atlantic City sous chef who’s hired by Marcel Mercier as ship’s cook for the Esther Reed sail from Philadelphia to Boston. A former Navy cook who worked aboard both ships and submarines. Adept at French cooking. (Kiss Me, Captain)

Richard Sayles – Julie Knott’s former fiance and talent agent, who dumps Julie two weeks before their wedding for Annika Eden. Owner of Richard Sayles Talent. (Wanted: Wife)

Detective Spencer – of the Philadelphia Police Department. Tells Charlotte Andreko and Rex Renaud they need to temporarily vacate Charlotte’s house after they receive a bomb threat. (The Laws of Seduction).

Terri – Julie’s assignment editor a WPHA Channel 8 in Philadelphia. Finds the flyer about a man advertising on a utility pole out in the Pine Barrens and suggests to Julie for a story the day Richard dumps her. (Wanted: Wife)

Uncle Jinks – Andy Devine’s ersatz uncle and best friend of Andy’s father, Buck Devine. Contacts Andy after Buck Devine dies and keeps Buck’s will and papers until Andy can make it home. (Wanted: Wife)

Representative Trent Webster – Congressman from southern New Jersey. Son of Secretary of State Donovan Webster. From Princeton, NJ. Friend and fellow Rutgers Law alum of Charlotte Andreko. (The Laws of Seduction)

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