And it shall be named–Galocher!

aishwarya-hritik-french-kiss-dhoom_0According to NPR, what the French have been practicing for centuries has long been without an official name, but that has since been corrected. The newest edition of the Petit Robert 2014 dictionary has a new verb — “galocher,” meaning “to kiss with tongues.” It’s a clever derivation of la galoche, a word for an ice-skating boot, and so evokes the idea of sliding around the ice — or the lips and tongue. Time magazine, says the term French kiss is “commonly attributed to American soldiers returning from World War I, who apparently picked up the technique from the more sexually adventurous French nationals they canoodled with abroad.”  Not that we here is New Jersey don’t know our way around a canoodle, especially when we’re canoodling with a French transplant or two. Or even three!

Which fortunately slides (sorry!) right into my NEW series title which all started with Andy Devine and company in Wanted: Wife–FRENCH KISS. Things have been popping around here lately, and although Book Two (of the FRENCH KISS series) revolves around Andy’s younger brother (the luscious) Marcel Mercier, we’ve yet to settle on a name, though rest assured, you’ll hear it here first when we do. Tentative pub date is around Labor Day, with Book Three due sometime by the end of they year.

Back to work!