REVIEWS for “Kiss Me, Captain”

Cris Conquers

Marcel Mercier is far from the perfect hero. He’s a womanizer, self-centered and a pampered rich-boy who is used to always getting his way. Before meeting Dani, he thought it would be a piece of cake to seduce her out of her job and off of his boat, saving his company from a PR nightmare. What he hadn’t counted on was a woman who couldn’t care less about his bank account and whose resistance didn’t melt at the sound of his French accent. Read More…

Harlequin Junkie

In Kiss Me, Captain (French Kiss #2) by Gwen Jones, Marcel Mercier should be spending his days relaxing on a beach in Cannes instead of traveling to America to stop a young woman from making a fool out of his shipping company. Danielle Lloyd has decided to chain herself to the mast of her ship to protest the sale of the shipping company and the potential end of her career as captain. Marcel decides to take matters into his own hands and use his many charms to convince Danielle to give up. But when she proves to be much smarter and more charming than he expected, Marcel might be the one thrown on his ear as he falls completely in love with the redhead. Read more…

My Book Addiction Reviews

KISS ME, CAPTAIN by Gwen Jones is my first book by Ms. Jones, it won’t be my last. I enjoyed the premise, I do admit there were moments I felt like I was missing something, that may be because this is book 2 in the French Kiss series. I loved Dani, however I did feel at times that maybe she was over her head. Marcel is a strong character and he came across a bit rough to me at times, but I still loved him.  Read more…

Rusticating in the Tropics

Readers had a brief glimpse of French billionaire Marcel Mercier in Wanted: Wife. The charming heartthrob is back in the new French Kiss Novel, Kiss Me, Captain (Avon Impulse)  Gwen Jones displays the perfect combination of smart writing, sexy characters, and sassy dialogue that made the first French Kiss Novel a huge success… Read more…

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