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The Writer Entitled

img_13631Dear Deadbeat Writer: Who do you think you are?

You get up at the crack of noon, saunter to your desk wearing nothing but your PJs and that smug expression, munching on multigrain pretzels and bouffe from Trader Joe’s. While the rest of us actually BUILD something, you’re hoisting your feet atop your desk to “ponder” and “plot,” your baby-soft fingers tapping the laptop with Call me Ishmael, or It was the best of times, it was the worst of times or other such blather. Instead of putting those keys to work by shaving some stock and buying on margin you’d rather “create,” not even bothering anymore to print your “genius” and pack it into a respectable manuscript box to ship off USPS. Even ink and paper are too much trouble for you anymore! Now we’re all about “attachments,” and “uploads,” and “streaming,” even calling “creative” such linguistic aberrations as blogs and podcasts and tweets. And in your ennui, you can’t even bother to bind your books anymore, leveling them to some ethereal creation called an e-book, packing them on a virtual bookshelf while your compensation floats through cyberspace to directly deposit itself into your bank account.

Oh it’s the life, fooling us all, and getting money, it appears, for nothing.

Be warned: we are so onto you.

Literally funny

I had a friend who published a literary humor magazine and always thinking myself funny, I submitted an article. With (seemingly) much hesitation and a very nice letter, I was rejected as for lack of a better descriptor, for not being droll enough. Truth be told, I can be as high-brow  jocose as the next fellow if I so desire because seriously, I am a subscriber to The New Yorker after all. Not sure what that story has to do with what follows, but hey, I’m a writer and if I didn’t have a sense of humor I would’ve jumped off a cliff a long time ago. So if you’re a writer too and can find the funny in any of this then maybe there’s still hope for all of us.

Cartoon-2-by-Debbie-Ridpath-bb2acb74faafa632be59c8b9b840580d565fe1598c6298d2a82c3679a003d42fcartoon-weird-writers-blockapostrophe_pinningAnd for those combo

writers/English slogs/

professor-types like me,

a bonus!