Random brushes with greatness

With QuestloveYou know you’ve really made it when people will post pictures of you posing with them on their website, but until then I’ll have to subsist on the other side of the ‘net. This photo is from Friday’s jaunt to Random House, when yours truly got to meet and greet with the likes of Questlove of the Roots. (Note to self: do not wear flouncy blouses when getting pix taken of you. Remember that old piece of advice about the lens adding ten pounds? Living proof.)Pierce Brown Here’s another on of Pierce Brown meeting my hair. He was so nice the next time I go to one of his signings I’m going to bring my face. Justin Cronin Justin Cronin was also very nice, and I found out he’s also a graduate of the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, which to a fellow MFAer like me, that’s right up there with Harvard and Yale.  Also totally appreciated the fact I was blowing off class to see him.  Could you possibly find a better skip day?Anna Quindlen and Lee Woodruff The next one is a really badly-focused picture of Anna Quindlen (left) and Lee Woodruff, but that was really because of my shitty camera-phone, and nothing at all to do with how fab they are in person.

And they were, along with the many other authors we saw that day. So much fun, books, food, chocolate, wine, and hey! I won a Magic Bullet in a raffle. What could be better?

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