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happy effing thanksgiving

Seriously. I mean, what else can happen? Haven’t we already been though the grinder–how many times this year? How much more fucked up can it get before 2020 calls it a day? How many people are afraid of the answer to that? All I know is it’s thirty-six days and counting until we can nail this bastard shut. Then it’s only twenty more days until, well, you know. Hanging on until then.

Happy Thanksgiving to all…well. What else can you call yourselves besides survivors?

Happy Freak-me-out Thanksgiving

You got to hand it to the Victorians. They sure knew their way around a creepy illustration. Especially in their holiday cards, because who would have thought to include a dress-up turkey. That’s one sick little girl holding the mirror, but I kinda like her.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

Thanksgiving? Seriously? At least there’s pie

blogger-image-727342139Tomorrow’s  Thanksgiving, but also the kickoff to what’s euphemistically referred to as the “Holidays.” All over the U.S., porches, front doors, topiary and gutters will be stripped of all evidence of the traditional “harvest” icons, ie, mums, hay bales, dried corn and cornstalks, as well as those apple-cheeked smiling scarecrows (and quite frankly, their sun-toasted perkiness does scare me), to be summarily replaced with dangling icicle lights, revolving reindeer, inflatable Sno-Dome elves on Merry-Go-Rounds, and other assorted yard horrors that symbolize the high-water mark of tackiness until we ring in the New Year. As for me, I’ll save my Yule celebrations until around the 24 of next month to focus on the holiday at hand, ie, family, friends, turkey and pumpkin pie, maybe even giving a thanks or two I’m still highbrow enough to cringe at the sight of Santa on a Harley.

So that’s it. No soapbox, no bitching on the obvious, just full-frontal indulgence and Pepcid post pumpkin-pie. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, and you have my permission to suspend NaNoWriMo for one day. As if you needed an excuse.


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!Ah, Thanksgiving! The start of the Holiday Season and the end of all sanity. But not me. I’m taking each day one at a time. Which means remembering there’s always tomorrow to resume eating right again. For now, at least for today, there’s the Jersey equivalent of seasonal weather going on outside, making it all cozy and warm in here. So I can ignore the fact it’s slowly turning from freezing rain to sleet, and will eventually end up as snow just when I’ll be leaving to pick up my niece from the train. Oh well. What are holidays besides family time, and we’d do well to remember what’s really important in life, and gather them around us. Like Yuengling and pumpkin pie. C’mere, you…

Happy Thanksgiving, to all!