A New Direction

I heard somewhere in order to stay fresh and current, you need to reinvent yourself every ten years. I also read awhile ago it takes ten years or 10,000 hours to become a master at anything. Well, I’ve done both–invested both the hours and the years, plus more. So now it’s time to start the reinvention. And I’m starting by writing something new and moving on from what got me to where I am now.  And that begins with my representation.

I know the search engines would like to to remain where I was but to them I’m like–sweethearts, no matter what you say I’m overruling you right here. I’ve left my long-time literary agency, and not because they’ve done me egregious, but because I’m moving in a different direction and that’s not their forte. But look, I’m grateful for all the time and effort they put into me to make me a better writer. The time wasn’t wasted because I am.

So to those agencies visiting this as I begin my search, call me on it. If you have my query letter, ask to see more. Make me prove myself. I’m up to it and anything you can toss at me.

So let’s begin.


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