Damn! What a week!

IMG_2762I’m as bad as my students. I have no excuse for posting so late this week. I don’t even have a good excuse for a picture.  Mine is the photographic equivalent of opening up a can of tuna for dinner and only adding a fork. This was simply the last picture I took and it was for a Facebook comment I don’t even remember to.  (One book I actually read all the way through. Can you guess which one?) The point is now that the flush of the Fall semester is finally chillin out, the rest of my life is heating up in ways that are at the very least, interesting.  Yet believe it or not, it also means I’m finally getting some time to start writing again. Do you care? Only if you want to read my blather. Which of course if you’re reading this, you do.

More cogent commentary next week after I finally clean my rather dusty house, get a pedicure, and find out why John Boehner took a powder today.  I mean you do care, don’t you?

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