BEA 2015 – A Pictorial

Nothing like a 90 degree day in New York! But then there’s nothing like a day in New York anyway–doubly so when it’s BookExpo America. They’ll be in Chicago next year, so after five years running, I wasn’t about to miss my chance to catch it one more time while it’s on the East Coast. This year, me and and my sister, Gretchen Weerheim, went, trolling the aisles and generally looking for hot trends, dealmakers, and free tote bags, finding a lot of the first two, but precious few of the last. Didn’t help we were trolling a bit too late in the day, but it was fun nonetheless, and try to keep us away when it comes back to NYC!

BEA Dorothy and AnnieBEA Downtown StageBEA Madison           BEA Gretchen Selfie            BEA Dummies GwenBEA HCGretchen and Creepy ThingBEA Whatever

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