KISS ME, CAPTAIN debuts 8/26/14! How can you POSSIBLY wait that long?

KissMeCaptain CoverHowdy, folks! It’s been an interesting summer so far. Interesting, for the fact I’ve been living in my head most of the time, instead of out in the gorgeous weather we’ve been having. You may or may not know that I have been working on my next book, THE LAWS OF SEDUCTION, for most of it, which is always a good time to write since because I’m also a college professor, and, as the theory goes, we have summers “off.” Well, kinda. There’s still all those pesky syllabi and lesson plans to prepare, as well as the summer class that I taught at night, complete with its weekly load of essays to grade. Still, not knowing  what to do with myself unless I’m under one crisis or another–as this summer has been particularly rife with–I managed to squeak through, all the while eagerly waiting for Marcel to get out of the gate. He’ll finally do that on next Tuesday, 26 August! For those unfamiliar with Andy Devine’s brother, take a few minutes to read the first chapter of KISS ME, CAPTAIN, or for an added peek inside his motivation, a deleted scene entitled “Marcel Makes His Move,” both right here on this site. And don’t forget to follow the CAPTAIN blog tour and FREE ebook giveaway raffle, accessing all the stops right here, and right up until September 12.

See you back soon on Release Day and with some of Captain Dani’s first reviews!

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