Exhausted Writer actually DOES get glam for one night!

Btw9rUvCUAEBkjv.jpg largeGod, I’m tired. It seems like I’ve been writing this book for about twenty years, but in actuality, it’s only been a little over six weeks. That’s a snap of the fingers in writing time to get an 85,00 word book written, but I really didn’t have a choice; you have to so what you have to do. But I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, especially since as of this writing, my deadline is in TWO DAYS. But I had a bit of a parole the other night. I and my writer pal Linda Parisi attended a party at HarperCollins new headquarters in the Financial District, at 195 Broadway. A gorgeous building, beautiful offices, a great party. And I got to get out of my pajamas for a whole evening, wear big girl clothing and makeup and everything. Was wonderful catching up with my editor and the rest of her compatriots in the editorial department, as well as seeing some brand new RITAs above some desks. I had a wonderful time, and the mini sliders and lobster rolls weren’t so bad, either.

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