Gwen Jones for Sale!

Gwen Jones and Gretchen Weerheim LSFW 13Recently I attended the annual Liberty States Fiction Writers Conference held at the Renaissance WoodMarisa Corvisiero 3.2013bridge Hotel in Iselin, New Jersey. It was a wonderful conference, with multiple Bram Stoker Award-winner Jonathan Maberry giving the keynote address as well a couple of killer workshops. I got to catch up with some people I haven’t seen in a while, one of them my sister and fellow writer, Gretchen Weerheim (on the right of me, who writes this stuff called “science” fiction. Not sure what it is, but it sounds scary so I’m keeping clear). Anyway, here we are meeting at an alternate conference site, our dinner guests including not only my glamorous agent Marisa Corvisiero here on the right, but a few other notable literati including Linda J. Parisi, a New York editor, a couple more agents and a bestselling author. A rollicking good time was had by all, as evidenced by the potent potables in my pix, but if you think I’m going to tattle on who else was sitting at my table you must be daft. Your girl Gwen is selling it, sweeties, and still is as we speak. So if you want to get as lucky as I was, plan on attending Liberty States next March. You can thank me there for your good fortune.

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